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Hi. after some playing around and enjoying my quest on defending whatever it is i'm defending. (Don't actually know what that is)
I have come across some issues/bugs/balancing that can help make this game better if fixed! They may have also already been talked about
or already being worked on, but i'd like to share what I've got.
1 - past 999 currency I can't see what it actually is. It doesn't probably matter too much ya know, but quality of life improvements are always nice!
2 - I don't think I should be able to put Dragons/rocks/gold piles or any future placeable objects past a certain point. I overrun the Dwarves whenever I can put them right in there face and they have 0 chance to try and win making it too easy!
3 - Make the later levels harder! I ended up using the same strat throughout the entire game. which was a really simple one and eventually the Dwarves could do nothing.
4 - Level indicator. It's a nice quality of life thing!
5 - The rock is useless. I used it only once to find out that a Dragon had more health, (not sure) but could also damage and is worth the same. Sorry rock. I would rather have Tad Cooper in place than you. So either cheaper or more health to the rock would be a good change there!
6 - I don't know if it's intended but the jumping dwarf seems to only jump at rocks? Maybe it could jump over dragons too? Don't see why that would be game breaking and also it seems to  jump over 2 tiles. Now that could be game breaking if it could jump over dragons as well.
7 - Correct me if i'm wrong, but I think the purple dragons do more damage than the blue ones? I think they should cost more for their range. Not their damage. So I think either equal damage as the blue ones or slightly less would be good.
8 - The variety of Dragons/Dwarves will come with time, but it's something that I'd like to bring up that would be nice!
9 - I'm not too sure, but I think we start with too much starting gold throughout all the levels. It could also be that the later levels are too easy. I'm not too sure, but I feel it's something to bring up.
10 - I feel like you could do more with the gold piles. Why not have 3 tiers of gold seeds that turn into small/medium/large gold piles as the game progresses. The smaller they faster they grow obviously and how little they have in terms of gold too obviously. Only when they've gotten as big as they could should you be able to harvest that gold or you can can harvest it while it's still growing and they grow at 5/10/20 gold incriments?
Please don't that any of this as bashing for the game or to you. I want to see this become something awesome and fun with more quality of life improvements! I hope you take all this in and try and fix/balance Dragons VS Dwarves! I'm looking forward into seeing this become something great.

Thank you so much for all of this feedback! I'll be starting on making improvements to the game next week and hope to have weekly updates for the game! At first it will probably be a lot of cosmetic stuff and go deeper and deeper into the harder issues.